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Panel / Triptych Competition 2023/4



1st - 'A Petra experience' - Dave Egerton

Squabbling Starlings.jpg

2nd - 'Squabbling starlings' - Tony Carrotte


3rd - 'Autumn fungi' - Hilary Knight


Highly commended - 'Fathima' - Dave Egerton


Highly commended - 'London - shaken not stirred' - Val Green

Patterns in the ice.jpg

Commended - 'Patterns in the ice' - Colin Brett

Projected images

Smokey Triptrych.jpg

1st - 'Smokey' - Chris Wain

Chattering Tulips.jpg

2nd - 'Chattering tulips' - Val Green

Stones in Rock.jpg

3rd - 'Stones in rock' - Graham Snowden

Isle of Skye.jpg

Highly commended - 'Isle of Skye' - Bob Adams

St Conans Kirk, Lochawe.jpg

Commended - 'St Conan's kirk' - Bob Adams

Suffolk Bamgladeshi Society Gardener If The Year.jpg

Commended - 'Suffolk Bangladeshi Garner of the Year' - Peter Bushby

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