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Picture of the Year 2023/24

Colour prints

Female Mandrill Monkey and Young.jpg
1st - Hilary Knight
'Female mandrill & young'
Honey Bee on Primrose.jpg
2nd - Bob Adams
'Honey bee on primrose'
Flamingo Preening.jpg
3rd - Hilary Knight
'Flamingo preening'
Highly commended
Around the Tree in Autum-Print.jpg
Val Green
'Around the tree in autumn'
Giant kingfisher3.jpg
Tony Bullock
'Giant kingfisher'
Batemans Tower.jpeg
Derek Anson
'Bateman's Tower'

Mono prints

Coming and Going.jpg
1st and overall winner  
Hilary Knight
'Coming and going'
HMS Victory gun deck bw.jpg
Emma - Print.jpg
2nd - Tony Bullock
'HMS Victory gun deck'
3rd - Val Green
Highly commended
Sweeping Light.jpg
Colin Brett
'Sweeping light'
The Ghostly Wayfarer.jpg
Bob Adams
'The ghostly wayfarer'

Projected images

Spider on Cosmos.jpg
1st - Val Green
'Spider on Cosmos'
Ride The Wave 2.jpg
2nd - Colin Brett
'Ride the wave'
Sun Rise at San Marco-2.jpg
3rd - Alastair Godfrey
'Sunrise at San Marco'
Highly commended
Tuscan Morning Mists.jpg
Graham Snowden
'Tuscan morning mists'
Mumtaz Mahal's Mausoleum (dpi).jpg
Dave Egerton
'Mumtaz Mahal's mausoleum'
High tide at Frinton .jpg
Paul Mynors
'High tide at Frinton'
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