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Mike Bareham Memorial Trophy


HMS Victory gun deck bw.jpg

1st - 'HMS Victory gun deck'
Tony Bullock

Catching The Light.jpg

2nd - 'Catching the light'
Colin Brett


3rd - 'Snowdonia'
Tony Carrotte

The Shelter RS.jpg

Highly commended - 'The Shelter'
Tony Carrotte

St Pancras station.jpg

Highly commended - 'St Pancras station'
Tony Bullock

Reaching the Top at Canary Wharf .jpg

Highly commended - 'Reaching the top at Canary Wharf'
Hilary Knight

Timber Wolf.jpg

Highly commended - 'Timber wolf'
Colin Brett

The Ghostly Wayfarer.jpg
Last light.jpg
Millennium Footbridge.jpg

Commended - 'Millennium footbridge'
Mike Read

Highly commended - 'The ghostly wayfarer'
Bob Adams

Commended - 'Last light'
Bob Adams

Looking for the Track..jpg

Commended - 'Looking for the track'
Hilary Knight

Penny for Them.jpg

Commended - 'A penny for them'
Martin Leech

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