Natural History Competition 2019/20



1st - Val Green 'Mandrill mother and baby'

2nd - Tony Bullock 'Haruru Falls - Bay of Islands'

3rd - Steve Oliver 'Eye to eye contact'

Highly commended:

Steve Oliver - 'Young oystercatcher in mud'

Bob Adams - 'Pretty flamingos'

Colin Brett - 'Whooper swans taking off'

Tony Bullock - 'Amur leopard'


Tony Carrotte - 'Busy bee'

Colin Brett - 'Fly agarics'

John Green - 'Ringtailed lemur'

John Merison - 'Jackdaw on peanut feeder'


1st - Val Green 'Indian lion fish'

2nd - Steve Oliver 'Puffin with sand eels'

3rd - Jerry Watsham 'Tamarin monkey'

Highly commended:

Chris Pinner - 'Peacock displaying'

Colin Brett - 'Solitary bee mating'

Val Green - 'Nuthatch'


Mandy Southgate - 'Damselflies'

Joan Baines - 'Young starling'

Jennifer Brett -'Tree frogs'